Chockdee massage gift voucher

Do you want someone else to enjoy a moment for themselves? Then gift them a Thai massage! Very original and relaxing. Booking a massage is often forgotten in these busy times, so it’s really nice when someone gives you a relaxing massage as a present. Who are you going to surprise with our gift voucher? 

How do I gift a massage?

Chockdee offers you a chance to escape the hustle and bustle and makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Can you think of a nicer gift for someone you want to surprise? We sell gift vouchers in our salon (during opening hours) or you can easily order a gift voucher on this page.

If you order online, your digital gift voucher appears directly into your mail box. Good to know: we don’t charge delivery costs and the gift voucher has no end date. The lucky recipient can book an appointment with us for a wonderful moment of relaxation. 

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